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Halogen Ventures is a Los Angeles based venture capital firm focused on investing in early stage consumer technology & strategic B2B software companies with a female in the founding team.

jesse draper

Our track record speaks for itself.

With women making 80% of household purchasing decisions, we are betting on early stage female founded companies with Billion to Trillion dollar potential. 

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Halogen Ventures invests in early-stage companies creating groundbreaking consumer and B2B software technologies and products.

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Live tinted

Founder & CEO of Live Tinted

Deepica Mutyala

Having Halogen as an investment partner has been invaluable. I’ve always said that a sign of a great investor is how they support you and your company not only when times are good, but also during times of struggle. Halogen has proven to support in both cases.

Founder & CEO of BLue Onion Labs

Lyndsey Bunting

We've loved working with Jesse and the Halogen team! They have been helpful with everything from customer and channel partner introductions, recruiting and hiring advice to fundraising. They are the best kind of investors - the ones that are there for you when you need them, asking how they can be helpful (and actually are), and a joy to work with

Co-Founder & CEO of Inked

April Foster

Being funded by Halogen was an exciting moment, but ultimately, it was working with them over the ensuing months and years to grow the business and get it to a healthy state that has been the most fulfilling. They have been by my side through the volatility of the market as well as through the buy-out of our lead investor both in helping us with funding, but more importantly in the strategy and negotiation of each and every effort.

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We are hands on and support our founders through their full lifecycle. We help them build their networks, get brand exposure, hire great talent, raise follow-on rounds and find their path to acquisition or IPO. 

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