With a mix of in-person (LA and NY) and virtual events and ongoing digital communication channels, HOP provides multiple paths for engagement and involvement to encourage and enhance connections between expert operators and our portfolio company founders.

About The Program

This exciting new program brings together an exclusive, diverse group of best-in-class operators with a variety of functional expertise from a range of relevant industries with our portfolio company founders. Our mission is to build a community that fosters efficient, external expert support for founders tackling tough challenges, enabling everyone to increase their impact, grow their careers, and build their network.

Past Partners

We are not accepting applications at this moment. 

Stay tuned for the announcement of the inaugural Halogen Operator Program class, and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram for Halogen news.

How to apply to HOP

Growth Equity Investor, General Atlantic

Mia Krishnamurthy

Spending my summer at Halogen was one of the most critical experiences that drove me to pursue a career in technology investing. Being able to learn from such a knowledgeable team in a small group setting was truly an incredible experience.

Duke University, Class of 2024

Francesca Cetta

Through my fellowship at Halogen, I learned an incredible amount about finance and venture capital through guest speakers and special events, but most importantly, I left the summer with a new understanding of the value of women in finance and business. The women at Halogen fostered a brave, welcoming, and diverse fellowship experience. Returning to school after my Halogen fellowship, I adopted an “invest in women” mindset, stayed connected to my fellowship class, and have a clear vision of how to embed impact throughout my career.

Investment Banking Analyst, Evercore

Mark McGinley

The Halogen Fellowship is an unbelievable opportunity to learn from some of the most creative investors in the industry. I loved the experience working directly with founders, portfolio companies, and the Halogen team during my fellowship. It was a blast!

Analyst, General Atlantic

Clarissa Barquist

The Halogen fellowship was a great experience, allowing me to learn the inner workings of sourcing deals, how to pitch ideas, speak to founders, and work with portfolio companies. I am so grateful to the team for all of the learnings had and relationships made throughout the program.

Analyst, Brookside Capital Partners

Melanie Ipyam

The Halogen Fellowship was such an empowering experience and truly unlike any other VC fellowship out there. It is clear that the Halogen team is extremely dedicated to their mission of promoting diversity and equity in the venture capital industry and they are such inspiring mentors.

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